High performing PPC campaigns to get your business ahead

We design and implement effective PPC campaigns that are able to maximize customer acquisition while staying in your budget. Our PPC program is constantly optimized to fast track your reach to the target audience without compromising on transparency.

We intend to improve your business’s bottom line

Extensive PPC audits

We dive deep into your PPC account to fix gaps with underlying opportunities. Our PPC audit methods include but are not limited to formulating a robust keyword strategy, location targeting, smart analytics, account structuring and developing an impressive ad copy.

Continuous remarketing

We believe remarketing is an intrinsic part of every PPC campaign. That’s why we leverage this tool to economically pull your potential customers back to your website and influence them to become loyal customers.

PPC management services for every business requirement

Google Ads

We constantly align our PPC campaigns to the ever-changing and complex Google Ads. Since Google’s search engine commands a major chunk of market share and drives quality traffic to advertisers, we focus heavily on it. Our fine-tuned strategies harness the benefits of this giant platform while making sure they take into account all the latest algorithm changes.


Google Remarketing Ads

Research has proven that potential consumers visit a website several times before finally buying a product. We help you retarget your potential customers and make them come back to your website to make a purchase and increase overall sales. Right from analyzing data to designing ads and installing pixels - our team puts together a perfect recipe to convert repeat visitors of your website into end buyers.


Google Shopping Ads

Instantly accelerate your product sales by showcasing it right on the top of Google search results through Google shopping ads. We help you find the most relevant queries that your customers search for and target them by creating compelling ads. We combine advertising automation and the most relevant terms to catch a potential consumer’s attention and convert.

We follow a fool proof PPC process

Current account audit

Our first step is to always evaluate the condition of your current PPC account and see how we can improve that. We breakdown the entire account as much as we can to analyse past performance and benchmark all the required KPI’s as baseline.

Keyword research

For search campaigns, we perform an exhaustive keyword research which are based on the missed opportunities that we find in the audit.

Ad copy

We understand that creating PPC ads is a balance between science and art. It's important for ads to be direct, persuasive, and informative, while being in the required character limits. That is why, we make sure to consistently test ad copies to determine what works best and what doesn't

Landing page design

For a PPC campaign to be successful, just creating ads is not enough. We also need a compelling landing page in order to convert visitors into paying customers. Our team can help develop powerful landing pages that best fit your business.



Extensive experience in PPC

We use the latest technologies to analyse and remodel PPC campaigns but we are deeply invested into our brilliant team. We place a lot of emphasis on the quality of our experts who are ultimately run successful campaigns for you.


Integrated strategies

Our PPC campaigns will always blend completely with your company messaging and presence. This helps us to bank upon the efficiencies and opportunities that come from being part of an overall wider strategy.


No automation

We assign dedicated PPC managers to every account, who are available 24X7 for your queries, questions and feedback. Our PPC campaigns are operated manually so our manager can promptly fix low performing ads and do course correction.