Beautify your brand

Do you think that online marketing of the latest hairstyles at your salon or your newest skincare products is a waste of time and money? Do you think that consumers will never buy your beauty products online without testing it for real? Put a stop to all your doubts because today’s consumers are digital-first. Hence, your brand’s success is directly linked to its digital presence.

Our services

Social media marketing

We let you do the makeover of your clients while we do one (digitally) for you. Our in-house social media team excels at building your brand presence across social media platforms so that you become ‘talk of the town’. We have an end number of engaging social media campaigns that can amass not only attention but can fill up your appointments fast.

Search engine optimization

Consumers want convenience and search engines have made it possible with the touch of a finger. You should no longer rely on conventional yellow pages when search engines have replaced them completely. Our dedicated SEO research team is at the task of making your business appear on top of the search results so that you have plenty of consumers lined up for a head-turning hairstyle.

PPC advertising)

We produce laser-targeted ads to reach out to consumers who are specifically looking for your products and services. We blend paid ads with your prospective consumer’s newsfeed to make them appear relevant to them. Our PPC efforts have already delivered exemplary results to our clientele and we don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity.

Website design

Your potential consumers click on your website before calling you. Is your website as beautiful as your range of beauty products promise? Is your website fun and quirky enough to keep your visitors hooked for a longer time? If not, then we can create one that will virtually talk to your consumers. We can integrate chatbots within your website to answer common queries of your visitors and direct them to contact you.

Content management

Content is the driving force in revolutionizing the beauty space. Consumers are constantly looking for inspiration on makeovers, hair styling, and beauty ideas. Our incredible content team curates the content to engage your potential consumers. We take your sales generation worries off by publishing interactive content aimed to garner followers and conversions.

What sets us apart from others?

Virtual experience

We give your followers a reason to become your loyal customers. Gathering interest online in beauty products and hairstyling without touch and feel factor is difficult. We replicate near real-like makeover and hairstyling experience on your website to enable decision making for your consumers.

Complementing offline sales

We know that you cannot complete a hairdo and makeover without the physical presence of your consumer. This is where we truly make a difference as we utilize social channels to persuade your consumers to turn up at your brick and mortar stores too.


We have been serving in beauty marketing space for many years so we know the power of influencers’ endorsement. We collaborate with beauty influencers to do your product review or use them in their makeup tutorials to establish your brand as authentic among consumers.



We time it right

We don’t wait just for festivals or peak sales seasons to launch marketing campaigns. Rather we time our campaigns around changing trends that other marketers miss often. Hence, we promise an active marketing campaign round the year that will boost your sales over and above festive seasons.

We top the marketing game

Our beauty industry experience gives us an extra edge over others. We have overcome hurdles and conquered territories that are yet to be tested and explored by others. It is sure one solid reason for you to go digital with us.