We provide social media marketing services for small and mid-size businesses

Matrix Media Lab is a social media marketing company, mainly providing social media services, Search engine services, website design services. We create and deliver top social media solutions for our client’s campaigns, which are purely result oriented. We manage all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin etc, use relevant social media platforms to help you grow your business and meet your company’s goal. Come, Let’s take you from START TO BUSINESS’.


We at Matrix Media Lab, are thrilled to thank many of our small, Mid size business owners who believed in our team & our commitment to multiply their revenues multifold. Our Motto since start was “We will take our clients from “START to BUSINESS”, Period. Our team has been equally passionate to achieve each of our client’s objectives, irrespective of their business size, be it small or mid or above. We are fully equipped & ready with our highly specialized skilled team and multiple tools we invested in just for you and all this at an attractive pricing too.

“Our customers know who we are, and they know where to find us.”

We heard this line above quite often from most business owners, when we contacted them. But just social media presence is not enough to grow business, even if you have many existing customers. We feel, Failure to have a dynamic social media strategy is quite detrimental to such business set ups. Social media algorithm has changed in many ways in past few years, which has made it more difficult for such businesses to grow organically. Be rest assured, we will help you drive walk-ins from your own existing customer plus find you new customers who are looking for what you have to offer.

Robust social media strategy with regular posting on social media will help you in long run, most don’t realise it in the short run. Point is somewhere one needs to take a call and see the results for themselves. Remember each product that you source with so much of passion has an expiry date and if its not sold in time it becomes a liability, so act fast before your competition does & grab the first mover’s advantage.

So while you are passionate about your business by sourcing latest & best products for your customers, we will do what we are best in – Find You Best Customers.

So let’s take you from “Start to Business”, Today.

Amber Tambewagh,


Matrix Media Lab


Why social media management company services for your business?

Your existing and future customers are on social media

Irrespective of which industry you belong to, your customers are using social media, it is always better to keep them engaged & connected with your brand building high recall value so you are always their first option.


Social media is a great listening and feedback tool for your brand

Listen to your customers on what they seek & expect from you, respond to their concerns, promote your positive side to the prospective customers and address their negative concerns sincerely.


Businesses need experts to handle their social media

While you go garnering best products and services for your customers and invest time in showcasing your best, leave the social media management bit to us. With our highly skilled managers & tools, you stand to benefit right from start achieving your business goals.