In today’s world, people hardly ever go into a restaurant just because it is nearby. They will check the menu online and the restaurant reviews to make sure it is worth their time.

If your restaurant isn’t marketing online in the right way, then you just might be losing new customers and revenue everyday. We can help you improve your online presence with our online marketing strategies that are specially designed for restaurants and pubs.

We offer a wide array of digital marketing services

Social Media Marketing

For restaurant and pubs, we offer full-fledged social media marketing services. By increasing your social media presence, we can help your business attract more customers and get them through the door. We make sure to create visually engaging content in order to increase daily engagement and follower growth. We also promote new menu items, discounts, featured drinks, events or any other restaurant highlights on your social media page to get your followers excited.

Website design

Before a customer visits your restaurant, they are most likely to visit your website online to check the menu, order food online, or book a table. We help you design and develop a visually appealing website that can impress your customers and make them want to dine with you.


Most people Google the restaurants in their area if they are planning to go out for a meal. With our impeccable SEO strategies, we can help your restaurant reach the top of the search results and grab the attention of the users in local searches.

PPC and Google Ads

We can help you reach more customers by running pay-per-click search ads so that it becomes easier for people who might be looking to grab a bite in the area to find your restaurant. For those users who have seen your restaurant before but haven’t visited it yet, we can retarget them with specific ads as well to finally compel them to make a visit.

Our marketing process for restaurants and pubs

Create a plan

We help create a digital marketing plan that can get your business in front of potential customers and make them want to eat and drink at your restaurant.

Ads and content strategy

Our advertising experts can create content to promote your restaurant's menu and other special events on all the major social media platforms in order to capture the attention of customers.

Constant monitoring

Your restaurant needs as much attention online as it does offline. We make sure to constantly monitor your restaurant’s social media pages 24/7 to check for any comments or questions. We also make sure to post regularly on social media to increase engagement and create a connection with the customers.


We review and analyse digital marketing stats to identify areas of improvements. We also take note of content that is performing well and make sure to replicate the same success in the future as well.



Dedicated team

We offer a full fledged setup with dedicated marketing teams for end to end coverage. We leave it to our clients to determine the degree of monitoring and involvement they would ideally require.

Experience in restaurant marketing

We take the experience of marketing in the restaurant industry to help you create strategies that can guarantee results. We devise strategies to attract new patrons to your restaurant and establish you as a community leader. We also make sure to help you preserve and protect your reputation online.

Customized strategies

We take into consideration your marketing goals, target customers, and competition before creating a completely customized digital marketing strategy. We understand that every restaurant is different and we make sure to preserve your brand and maintain consistency in our marketing campaigns.

We Anticipate Change & Stay Ahead of It

The digital restaurant world changes as fast as consumer preferences change. In order to keep your business as a #1 restaurant in your community, we constantly stay informed on digital innovations and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly, keeping your competitors out of the kitchen!

We Know Food. We Love Food.

As a restaurant owner, you wouldn’t hire a chef without any cooking experience, so why would you hire a digital marketing firm without any restaurant industry experience? You wouldn’t. We have several restaurant clients, who have happily served more and more customers with the help of our marketing experts.

Find Your Niche

We know that not every restaurant is different. Your casual restaurant is different from the corporate franchise down the street or the sports bar across the block, but you might be going after the same customers. You just have to do it in a different way, your own way. Every restaurant has a special voice that represents their brand. We preserve that voice and shout it from the rooftops through digital marketing.